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The beauty is in the name. Wear this admirable navy and white herringbone shirting, and all will know where you stand: on VICTORY ROW™. This exquisite one-of-a-kind herringbone cloth is a must-have business shirt fabric for the young executive who wants to add detail to his look while making his mark on the world. The fabric’s structure and color ooze with seriousness and formality, and thus confidence. Just look at the detail in the weave. Notice the intricate pattern of alternating navy and white feathery yarns. You can almost feel the textured warmth and silky grace. Navy & white herringbone. Weight: 120g/m^2. 100s 2-ply 100% cotton by Saviero Textiles. Ref, 514609

  • Machine wash w/ cool water
  • Iron on low steam
Category: Shirting

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