Luxe Fabrics

At Sons Of Savile, everything begins with the cloth. Richly textured & seductively smooth, our high thread count fabrics made from long-staple quality cotton are sourced from the finest mills in Europe, Turkey, & Japan including such labels as Leggiuno, Albini, Soktas, Saviero, & more.

Currently, we have over 400 fabrics on offer, and are continuously adding new ones, selecting the precise colors, patterns, and constructions to achieve the ideal look, comfort, and performance.

In all categories, we carry a wide range of fabric qualities from relatively basic constructions up to luxurious 120s two-ply sea-island cotton.



Superior Craftsmanship

Each shirt is crafed on-site using single-needle stitching at a premium 25 stitches per inch. Our shirts all feature a 9 piece hand-rolled collar, French seams, Wendler of Germany innerlinings, and Guetermann of Germany threading.

Our construction methods combine sophisticated technology with traditional shirt-making methods. Patterns are precisely computer generated, and the fabric is hand-cut with assembly by experienced master tailors who carefully hand-sew each shirt with uncomprimising care to help achieve a perfect fit every time – guaranteed.




Sometimes it’s about standing out and making a statement. Sometimes it’s about dialing in your own version of a classic look. Regardless, we provide the options to get you there.

With over 400 fabrics, and new ones rotating in continuously, we cover a wide range of styles — not to mention, more than 20 collar, cuff, and button styles to help you tailor your look. Finish it off with a collar or cuff accent and personalized monogram.

You can design your own shirt from scratch or customize one of our featured designs to get the exact look you’re going for.



The Perfect Fit

If you’re particular about how your shirts fit, you’re in good company. Our custom size options are incredibly comprehensive for any body type. We have a powerful custom sizing interface, combined with clear, helpful advice and pictures to give you full control of your sizing and fit.

We’ve also pioneered a new sizing method called Tailor Sizing™, which leverages real actual master tailors and their large dataset of sizes from decades of tailoring to create your perfect fit. And it’s our perfect fit guarantee, complimentary alterations and expert customer service that help ensure you end up with shirts that fit exactly right.


How It Works


Order Online

Use any of our methods to find your perfect size & easily place your order on our site.



Each shirt is custom-made and hand-assembled specifically for you.


Quick Delivery

Your shirt is shipped and arrives at your door in about two weeks.


Guaranteed Fit

If it's not a perfect fit, we’ll alter or remake your first shirt for free – guaranteed.

Customer Reviews

Customer Testimonails

The fabrics are superior to any other made-to-measure shirtmaker that I've worked with, and the fit is fantastic.

Jacob Holton dogslovetrucks
Customer Testimonails

My shirts are per-fect! My first try was the best I've experienced. I am very surprised how well it came out.

Kalan Laws senorguapo713
Customer Testimonails

The quaity of fabric is out of control, and the fit is on point!

Greg Rainbird iamrainbird
Select from over 400 luxe fabrics and dozens of style options. Customize your shirt