Leverage a master tailor

Tailor Sizing

No tape measures, no awkward trips to the tailor... Simply answer 8 basic questions, show us a photo, and we'll create a custom size for you!

Tailor Sizing leverages our team of expert fit specialists, experienced pattern makers, & master tailors to create a size that is unique to you based on a few simple questions and a photo. Your collar will button comfortably. Your sleeves will be just the right length. Your midsection won’t be blousy.

Finally a shirt that fits exactly how you want - without tape measures, awkward trips to the tailor, or malls... You don't even have to leave the couch!


Answer 8 Basic Questions

We ask 8 simple questions about your body dimensions & how you like your shirts to fit that do not require you to have a tape measure.



Upload A Photo Of Yourself

Add a photo of yourself so that we can clearly see your body shapes. But don't take a selfie! We need your arms to be at their sides. Also, be sure to wear a close fitting t-shirt (or shirtless), but nothing too loose. No sweaters or jackets!


Perfect Fit Guarantee

Select from over 400 luxe fabrics and dozens of style options. Customize your shirt